Tuesday, 19 February 2008

On being maligned

There was a saying that went ‘I don’t care what they say about me so long as they spell my name right’. Well, I do care – about having my name spelled right and about being maligned. Some guy has taken something from one of my articles, completely out of context – has virtually distorted the context – and used it as a platform to have a sneer. If he’d pulled me up on a genuine error then it would be hands-up time – but that isn’t the case.
As one gets older, one’s attention span shrinks – it comes to us all, children! He’s a bit older than I so I suppose I must forgive him his apparent failure to read the whole article. It was over 1200 words, after all. That’s very nearly two whole pages. But is it so hard to read the whole thing, even at the age of 64? Ain’t much hope for the rest of us if that’s the case!!
The offending post – together with my responses – can be found at http://adamsmithslostlegacy.com/2008/02/adam-smith-was-not-opposed-to.html
The original article can be viewed in all its finery at http://www.execdigital.co.uk/The-Executive-Cull--The-state-of-the-British-boardroom-_4916.aspx
If you’re into the intricacies of corporate governance, you’ll have a blast!
Still, on a brighter note, over the past 24 hours I’ve been able to speak to a former guitarist with Dr Feelgood; the retired head of Polygram in the UK; and Pete Waterman. It’s a joy being a journalist, really…!